We provide support in the design, simulation, integration, optimization and testing for the development of standard and innovative antenna systems. We are specialized in high-performance antennas for Automotive, Aerospace, Military and IoT applications.

Using analytical and experimental methodologies, our team supports customers during the process of designing, prototyping and measuring antenna parameters to identify potential turnkey solutions.

Antenna Services & Products

Based on our skills acquired through basic and applied research activities, we deal with design problems in standard and/or customized products with high degrees of complexity.

We use highly performing workstations and specialized electromagnetic simulation software from which the performance of antenna systems can be obtained, minimizing production and / or prototyping costs.

We offer innovative solutions for 5G, M2M, Wi-Fi, UWB, IoT, RFID, mmWave and mobile applications.



  • New antenna solutions;
  • Antenna integration;
  • Performance enhancement.
Consultancy in Design assistance

Consultancy in Design assistance

  • Replacement of an existing antenna with a new antenna with more performing ones;
  • Recommended antenna placement in complex scenarios;
  • 2D and 3D CAD assistance development.



  • EM simulations;
  • PCB design for signal integrity improvements;
  • Matching network design;
  • Antenna Matching Within an Enclosure;
  • Antenna integration and fit in small space and complex system;
  • Homemade optimization tools.
Prototyping and characterization

Prototyping and characterization

  • Pre-prototype electromagnetic field simulation verification;
  • Creating a product prototype;
  • Antenna performance evaluation;
  • Matching network test and refinement;
  • Measurements of antenna parameters (Gain, VSWR, Far field etc..);;
  • Results data and antenna layout sharing with customers (2D, 3D, Gerber, DXF, OBD++ etc..).

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